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We are Carl and Alex and we are brothers who LOVE fishing, the outdoors and making videos! From fishkeeping, to bushcraft and back to angling, we hope our videos entertain, enthuse and if we are lucky, inspire you to get outside. 🙂

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Hello! This is me at @gigantica.carp fishery in France. I’ve caught a nice big common carp and the rods are about to be cast out for the second night. I’m sure there will be more fish to come and I’m loving it, but it’s weird not having Alex filming with me. Absolutely gutted he couldn’t be here (he’s not feeling well currently) Fishing with my bro beats anything and I’m a tiny bit sad he can’t be out fishing me once again, showing me how to catch the biggest in the lake as usual. 😂 #fishing #carpfishing  also just realised there is a fish jumping over my shoulder. Can you see the ripples?
This week we worked SUPER hard on our @fishing_tutorials channel. Over the coming months there’s going to be some epic new videos! We’re soooo close to 100k subscribers so make sure you go on YouTube, search Fishing Tutorials and click subscribe to never miss our fishing films! 🐟🎣 By the way the first person to send us a screenshot of our Tutorials channel on 100k subs will get free C+A merch and a copy of our new book so go click subscribe and see if it’s you. ;) #fishing
We had an amazing fishing holiday with @fishing_tutorials editor Josh, our friend Kennie and Omi too. It was a right laugh and quite relaxing too, our video is live on our YouTube channel now! #fishing #carpfishing
Rather a lot of people have asked ‘why no videos for a month?’ Firstly, Alex moved out to a flat of his own. So we’ve re-done our office and tidied the editing equipment (this took longer than expected!) haha. We’ve also been uploading more consistently (every week) on @fishing_tutorials . This is where all our dedicated fishing content is posted. We’ve been filming a lot too, a session at @nortondisneyembryo went really well and that video is coming soon. Finally, I’ve been working a lot on our book, this is why I haven’t been editing videos for a bit! The Simple Fishing Guidebook is nearly finished and in a few weeks, we’ll be sending signed copies to all our lovely supporters on Patreon. (super patron tier and above). Signed copies won’t be available for sale anywhere, as we wanted to dedicate them to the super patrons who help us do our channel full time. If you are interested, there’s a link in our bio to our Patreon account as we also send out calendars and letters too. ❤️ Now it’s back to the finishing touches of the book and then video editing. See ya! 👋 #fishing #carpfishing
What do you love about fish? 😍🐟 For me it’s the calm, gentle movements and the mystery of their watery world. #koi #carp #koifish #nishikigoi #fish
This is the fish that won me the first Carl vs Alex episode of this year! Hopefully I can repeat this result when we’re filming again this week. Bring it on! @kordaofficial #fishing #carpfishing
Would you have this in your house? 😍🐟 We just posted a video on our YouTube about aquascaping! (Link in our bio) A few weeks ago we met @georgefarmerstudios at @aquariumgardens and learnt more about this fascinating hobby, it’s a video that could be eye opening for anyone who loves nature. Big thanks to @oaseuk for the support with making our aquatic videos possible, all the love❤️🐟👌 #fishkeeping #aquascaping #fishtank #aquatics