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We are Carl and Alex and we are brothers who LOVE fishing, the outdoors and making videos! From fishkeeping, to bushcraft and back to angling, we hope our videos entertain, enthuse and if we are lucky, inspire you to get outside. 🙂

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Probably one of the most ridiculous carp captures of my life! It was incredibly hot and nothing seemed to be working, we’d fished a few lakes with floaters, zigs and rigs on the bottom, nothing... I walked down to the stream and in a pool I’ve never fished, found a carp. BUT all I’d brought down from the car park was a spinner! I chucked it out anyway, and the carp followed it back to my feet where the spinner came to rest on the gravel. This carp picked the metal lure off the bottom and got hooked 😂🎣 Epic battle on my perch rod! Tell us about your most memorable catch in the comments! ❤️ #fishing
Charlie the koi is so friendly, and seems very happy in her new home! If ya missed our brand new video then head over to our YouTube channel to check it out. It’s all about our pet fish, vegetable patch and some really cool wildlife I’ve spotted recently! #fish #outdoors
Hey everyone, we just posted a new video on our channel! It includes update on Charlie the koi, Alex’s vegetables and lots more... Hit the link in our bio to check it out!
When you realise it wasn’t fish you were after. 🌅 That morning in the Welsh hills was dreamy. #outdoors
Big, big thanks to everyone who has watched, commented and supported us the last few years. Whilst stood at the top of a mountain filming our latest video, we felt so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had since going full time on YouTube. Basically just wanted to say thanks to everyone who watches and of course our sponsors @kordaofficial and @oaseuk who make the channel possible, oh... and by the way- the new video is live now! Cheers everyone have a great weekend!!! 🎣🐟⚽️
Big fish and perfectly clear water! 😍🐟 Absolutely stunning and peaceful to watch too, new fishing video coming this Saturday and then something a little different the week after! #fishing #koi #lake #koifish
On top of the world 😍 Currently editing a video where we fish up a mountain, far from anyone or anything (apart from sheep and fish) haha #fishing #nature #carpfishing
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